About the Volunteering Resource Hub

The Volunteering Resource Hub is an initiative of Volunteering Australia, funded by the Australian Government Department of Social Services. It brings together useful, evidence-based and current best practice resources, tools, research and information to support effective volunteer management across Australia.

The resources

The Resource Hub includes over 350 relevant, useful and accessible resources including policies, procedures, tools, videos, templates, guides, research and information to assist with all stages of managing volunteers.

The Resource Hub aims to bring evidence of best practice in volunteer management to one central place. The resources included will help volunteer managers embrace the National Standards of Volunteer Involvement in their everyday practice.

The resources cover topics such as volunteer leadership and management, volunteer safety and wellbeing, volunteer recruitment, as well as volunteer support, development and recognition. See our Quick Guide for a useful introduction to the Resource Hub.

The design

The Resource Hub was created with input, from the volunteering sector across Australia, on what information and resources to house in this national repository. A working group, including representatives from volunteering peak bodies in the ACT, Queensland, New South Wales and Victoria, helped guide the design of this national hub. Over 30 volunteer management professionals from across Australia reviewed, checked and tested the Resource Hub’s design, functionality and usability. We welcome your feedback for future refinements.

Submitting resources

If you have resources you would like to suggest for the Resource Hub, please submit here. Resources are assessed to ensure they align with the National Standards for Volunteer Involvement and meet best-practice in volunteer management. Resources remain the intellectual property of the original author

More information

If you have any questions, need more help, or are interested in finding or promoting volunteering opportunities, please contact us