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Checklist for Effectively Volunteering from Home

A checklist for effectively volunteering from home.

Author: Volunteering Queensland

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COVID-19: Advice for Organisations on Safeguarding Volunteers

Advice for organisations on how to safeguard volunteer health and wellbeing during a pandemic.

Author: Volunteering WA

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Definition of Discrimination

An overview of what discrimination is and the types of discrimination that may occur.

Author: Volunteering WA

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Difficult Conversations with Volunteers

Identifies when it may be necessary to have a difficult conversation, and provides tips on how to effectively have this conversation. This resource is accompanied by a Difficult Conversations Worksheet.

Author: Volunteer PlainTalk

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Health and Wellbeing - Volunteer Self Appraisal

A template for a volunteer self-appraisal.

Author: Volunteer Edinburgh, Volunteer Wiki

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Making it Matter: The impact of volunteering on social inclusion

An international study on how volunteering supports social inclusion.

Author: Making it Matter

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Optimising Health and Wellbeing Benefits from Volunteering: Good Practice for Engaging and Supporting Volunteers

A good practice guide for engaging and supporting volunteers.

Author: Volunteer Scotland, Scottish Volunteering Forum

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The Effect of Volunteering on Health and Wellbeing

A research report on the relationship between volunteering, health and wellbeing.

Author: Volunteer Scotland, University of Stirling

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The Impact of Volunteering on Happiness and Health

Information on the impacts of volunteering on mental health and wellbeing, and what the implications of this is for volunteer management.

Author: Volunteering Victoria

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The Impact of Volunteering on the Health and Well-being of the Volunteer

Research into the impact of volunteering onto a person's health and wellbeing.

Author: Volunteer Ireland

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