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Bridging the Gap: Enriching the volunteer experience to build a better future for our communities

A research report identifying the gap between what volunteers look for in a volunteering role and how organisations are engaging with volunteers. Identifies ways to better understanding volunteer motivations and engage with volunteers.

Author: Volunteer Canada

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Guide to Peer Support, Coaching and Mentoring: Values Exploration Tool

A resource to help identify the values of a person, to understand how this impacts on behaviour and motivations. Note: This resource accompanies the Guide to Peer Support, Coaching and Mentoring resource.

Author: VolunteeringACT

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Harnessing Volunteer Motivation: Resource Pack

Identifies the importance of the volunteer lifecycle, including supporting, supervising and recognising volunteers. Aligns findings with the National Standards for Volunteer Involvement. Note: This resource accompanies the Leep: Harnessing Volunteer Motivation Webinar.

Author: Leep

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Harnessing Volunteer Motivation: Webinar

Webinar providing discussion on supporting, supervising and recognising volunteers, providing insight into volunteer motivations, based on the experience of Managers of Volunteers. Note: This resource is accompanied by the Harnessing Volunteer Motivation: Resource Pack.

Author: Leep

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Volunteering and Employment

Understanding the motivations of volunteers and supporting volunteers in a pathway to employment.

Author: Victoria ALIVE, Volunteering Victoria

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Youth Leading Youth: A Look at Organisations Led by Young People

Research into what motivates young people and how to effectively engage with young people.

Author: Volunteering Queensland

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