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Aged-Friendly Volunteering

A guide on how to involve older volunteers living with a disability.

Author: Victoria ALIVE, Volunteering Victoria

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Community and Volunteering

Research into seniors and their level of connection and engagement in the community.

Author: Core Data

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Insurance and COVID-19: Guidance for Volunteering Involving Organisations

Information on risk in volunteer involvement during COVID-19. Covering liability over the health of volunteers and discrimination concerns in standing volunteers down.

Author: Volunteering Australia

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Managing Older Workers: What can we learn from managers of older volunteers?

A research report that explores how to involve and manage older volunteers.

Author: School of Management, Edith Cowan University

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Retired Professionals Rural Volunteering Project: Linking Retirees with Professional Skills and Rural Grassroots Agencies.

Research findings and recommendations on the involvement of retirees in rural volunteering projects.

Author: Queensland University of Technology, Australian Government Australian Research Council, Queensland Government Department of Communities, La Trobe University

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Working with Older Volunteers

A brief guide on key considerations when involving older volunteers.

Author: Volunteering Queensland

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