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Key Facts and Statistics About Volunteering in Victoria

An information report on key volunteering data for Victoria. Highlights trends in volunteer involvement.

Author: Volunteering Victoria

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Key Statistics about Volunteering in Australia: The General Social Survey

An overview of the key statistics on volunteering in Australia, derived from the Australian Bureau of Statistic's 2019 General Social Survey.

Author: Volunteering Australia

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Measuring the Impact of Volunteering

A guide on how to measure the impact of volunteers.

Author: Volunteer Scotland

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NSW State of Volunteering Report

The Centre for Volunteering, in partnership with the Department of Communities and Justice, is pleased to launch the inaugural New South Wales State of Volunteering report. This in-depth analysis showcases the characteristics of volunteers, volunteering and volunteer-involving organisations. It produces a detailed cost-benefit analysis of the social, cultural and economic impacts of volunteering on communities in NSW. The report was undertaken by the Institute of Project Management which surveyed more than 1,100 volunteers and received more than 1,000 responses from volunteer-involving organisations. Discover the value of the nearly 4.9 million residents across NSW who gave more than 1.5 billion hours of volunteering in 2020; the benefit of which is approximately $127 billion.

Author: Institute of Project Management, The Centre for Volunteering

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Research Briefing Volunteering during the first year of COVID-19

Volunteering Australia worked in partnership with the ANU Centre for Social Research and Methods (CSRM) to understand the impact of the COVID-19 pandemic on volunteering.

Author: Volunteering Australia

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Rural Volunteerism: Impacting Development and Sustainability

A report on the impact of volunteering on rural communities.

Author: Volunteer Ireland, NUI Galway

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So What? Volunteering Impact Measurement - Top Tips to Get You started

A guide on how to demonstrate the impact of volunteer involvement to your organisation.

Author: Volunteer Scotland, Scottish Volunteering Forum, Scottish Government

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State of Volunteering in Victoria: 2020

A research report into the volunteering sector in Victoria. This report sheds light on volunteering characteristics, including motivations, barriers, recruitment, retention and trends.

Author: Volunteering Victoria, Institute of Project Management, Victoria State Government

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The Compass: Your Guide to Social Impact Measurement

A comprehensive guide on how to report on social outcomes and their impact.

Author: The Centre for Social Impact

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The Economic Value of Volunteering in Victoria

A research report into the economic value of volunteering in Victoria, published in 2012.

Author: Department of Planning and Community Development

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