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Commitment to Volunteer Involvement

A guide on what to consider when setting out organisational commitments to volunteer involvement. This resource includes a self-assessment checklist.

Author: Volunteering Australia

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Volunteer Workforce Health and Safety Training Framework: A guide for South Australian Local Government

A comprehensive resource on workplace health and safety that covers volunteer role descriptions, risk management procedures, policies and procedures and volunteer training. Note: Some information is specific to South Australia.

Author: City of Salisbury

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A website that contains resources, templates and tools for Volunteer managers and volunteers. The website is aimed at increasing inclusion for people with disability.

Author: Orana, Southern Volunteering SA & Northern Volunteering SA

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Volunteering & Gender Key Statistics

This document provides key statistics about volunteering in Australia by gender.

Author: Volunteering Australia

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Volunteering and Boundaries

A guide on what boundaries are and what they look like in a volunteering program.

Author: Volunteering Australia

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Volunteering and Disability

A research report on the experiences and perceptions of volunteering from both volunteers living with a disability and volunteer involving organisations.

Author: Volunteer Development Scotland

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Volunteering and Employment

Understanding the motivations of volunteers and supporting volunteers in a pathway to employment.

Author: Victoria ALIVE, Volunteering Victoria

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Volunteering and gender: changes during the COVID-19 pandemic

This factsheet compares data collected in 2020 and 2021 to data collected prior to the COVID-19 pandemic.

Author: Volunteering Australia

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Volunteering in Australia 2022: The Volunteer Perspective

As part of the Volunteering in Australia research, this report provides an important contribution to the evidence base on contemporary volunteering to inform the development of the National Strategy for Volunteering. The focus of this report is the volunteer perspective. We explore the characteristics of volunteers and volunteering and how this has changed over the last decade and throughout the COVID-19 pandemic. The research draws on several data sources, including the ANUpoll series of surveys with the most recent data collected in April 2022.

Author: Nicholas Biddle, Charlotte Boyer, Matthew Gray, and Maria Jahromi

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Wellness Action Plan

An example of how to support the mental health and wellbeing of volunteers as they perform their role. This resource provides a list of questions in a template format.

Author: Volunteer Edinburgh, Volunteer Wiki

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What Rights Do I Have as a Volunteer?

Information for volunteer rights and questions to consider before volunteering for an organisation.

Author: Volunteer Ireland

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