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Steps for Setting up a Volunteer Programme

A brief list of actions to consider when setting up a volunteer program.

Author: Volunteer Ireland

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A Framework for Your Volunteer Policy

A guide and template on how to set up a Volunteer Policy.

Author: Volunteer Ireland

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A New Model for Citizen Engagement

A review paper on local volunteering groups.

Author: Stanford Social Innovation Review

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Achieving Excellence in Your Volunteer Program: Volunteer program management guidelines

A guide on how to engage with volunteers, particularly through the recruitment process, as well as how to advocate for volunteer involvement to the organisation.

Author: Swan Volunteer Resource Centre, City of Swan

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Best Practice Guidelines

A workbook to help organisations review their volunteering programs in line with best practice frameworks.

Author: Volunteering New Zealand

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Corporate Citizenship Volunteering

Information on the benefits of corporate volunteering and how to involve corporate volunteers.

Author: Volunteering Queensland

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Developing a Volunteer Policy

Provides high level information on how to develop a volunteering policy.

Author: Volunteer Scotland

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Local Government Sub Plan Spontaneous Volunteers: A Practical Guide for Local Government

Guides Local Government in developing their Spontaneous Volunteer Management Sub Plan and outlines key considerations and example text.

Author: Volunteering Queensland

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Other Unpaid Work Arrangements

Identifying the different between volunteering, work for the dole, internships, and student placements.

Author: Volunteering WA

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Parks and Wildlife Service: Volunteer Management Manual

An example of a Volunteer Management Handbook. The Handbook covers key information volunteer management processes including frameworks, recruitment, supervision and administration.

Author: Department of Biodiversity, Conservation & Attractions, Government of Western Australia, Parks & Wildlife Service

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Reviewing your Volunteering Program

A guide on how to review a volunteering program.

Author: Volunteering Australia

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