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3Bridges: Volunteer Handbook

An example of a Volunteer Handbook. The Handbook covers key information on what to expect as a volunteer, including induction, training, code of conduct and work, health and safety considerations.

Author: 3Bridges Community

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6 Steps to Volunteer Management Success

This webinar covers key elements of volunteer management, including adapting to changing needs, building inclusive programs, providing structured frameworks and involving volunteers in all aspects of the organisation.

Author: Leep

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Achieving Excellence in Your Volunteer Program: Volunteer program management guidelines

A guide on how to engage with volunteers, particularly through the recruitment process, as well as how to advocate for volunteer involvement to the organisation.

Author: Swan Volunteer Resource Centre, City of Swan

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Aged-Friendly Volunteering

A guide on how to involve older volunteers living with a disability.

Author: Victoria ALIVE, Volunteering Victoria

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Building Inclusive Bridges: A Guide to Facilitating Inclusive Referrals

A guide on how to facilitate inclusive volunteering in an organisation. This resource provides practical tools and tips.

Author: VolunteeringACT

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Channeling Enthusiasm into Sustained Action: Fostering the Changemakers Journey

A research report identifying key ways to engage with young people, including their key motivators. This resource also identifies personal narrative tools to empower young people.

Author: Volunteering Queensland

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Coaching, Mentoring and Other Learning Strategies

A brief guide on how to support individuals through coaching, mentoring, conversations and other key learning methods.

Author: Volunteering Queensland, Queensland University of Technology

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Competencies for Managers of Volunteers

Identifies the key competencies of Managers of Volunteers. The resource can be used as a self-assessment tool for Managers of Volunteers to identify current skills and areas for improvement.

Author: Volunteering New Zealand

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Conversation Worksheet

A template to help managers of volunteers plan and carry out difficult conversations with volunteers.

Author: Volunteer PlainTalk

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Dealing with Conflict

A brief guide on how to manage conflict with volunteers.

Author: Volunteering Victoria

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