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The Principles of Volunteering

The key principles of volunteering and how this impacts upon an organisation's volunteer involvement.

Author: Volunteering Victoria

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The Screening Handbook

This comprehensive handbook provides information on screening as part of the volunteer management cycle, identifying ten steps to screening. Please note that some information will be specific to the Canadian context.

Author: Volunteer Canada

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Tobi Johnson's Ultimate Guide to Managing Volunteers

A comprehensive guide on volunteer management, from an initial needs analysis, through to evaluation. Includes activities to guide processes.

Author: VolunteerPro, Tobi Johnson

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Top Tips: Inclusion in Volunteering - Common Areas

High level tips on how to create a more inclusive volunteering program.

Author: Volunteer Scotland, National Inclusion in Volunteering Group

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Virtual Volunteering and Digital Engagement

Research on how organisations engage digitally with virtual volunteers, providing tips on how to effectively engage remote volunteers.

Author: Volunteering Queensland

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Volunteer Agreement

Information on what a Volunteer Agreement is and what needs to be considered when developing an Agreement.

Author: Volunteer Scotland

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Volunteer Ambassador Role Description

Example of a role description for a Volunteer Ambassador.

Author: Volunteer Edinburgh

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Volunteer Engagement Response Plan to COVID-19

How to engage with volunteers during a pandemic, including effectively resourcing roles and re-considering how the organisation can better support the community.

Author: Volunteering Victoria, VQ Volunteer Strategies

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Volunteer Handbook

An example of a Volunteer Handbook. Note: This resource is currently under review. Information may no longer be correct.

Author: City of Gosnells

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Volunteer Induction Checklist 2

A template for a volunteer induction checklist.

Author: Volunteer Ireland

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